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The History of Christmas Stuff

By December 24, 2013

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candy canesDid you know that in 1882 the first Christmas tree was illuminated by the use of electricity? Or that a Catholic priest called Gregory Keller invented a machine to automate candy cane production during the 1950's? View whimsical drawings of Christmas related design patents with my own added whimsical commentary as a bonus.

Many people will swear that store merchants did invent Christmas when we observe cash registers singing and shopping malls filling up with happy shoppers during the days before Christmas. However, Christmas is not a physical invention, it is both an old tradition and a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ. Many physical inventions have been created to aid with Christmas festivities that you can research the history about including: candy canes, electric Christmas lights (invented by a teenager), artificial Christmas trees, and snowmen. Illustration: Candy Canes about.com

December 22, 2006 at 3:32 pm
(1) Tracyne says:

Christians are just beginning to find out that the celebration of Christmas was NOT the day that Christ was born. If you do a little more research ( and the Holy Bible is all that you need..Use a very old Bible too) You will see that 3 wise men never came to visit Jesus the WARM Day He was born. You will find that also there is a real colorful ethenicity about the Devine Child as well. So be careful of how you word the meaning of Christmas for it causes a confusion among the majority and youth! Thank you so kindly and God be with you,


December 15, 2007 at 8:50 pm
(2) New and old inventions says:

Just thinking of how the artifical lights were invented:
There was this fire in New York back in 1917, around the time of Christmas. It was caused by lighting the Christmas tree with actual candles. It was a terrible tragedy.
So this 15 year old boy, who was here from Spain, had an idea flash – how about using electric lights for Christmas trees?
The kid was Albert Sadacca, and now we know how widespread the use of electric lights have become….

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