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Activity Form - Sample Letter

Activity Form - Sample Letter to Parents


To: The Parent(s) of


Subject: Creativity and Imagination

"Inventive Thinking Lesson Plans" is a school activity which promotes analytical and creative thinking and problem solving. Parents can enjoy this project at home with their children by encouraging creative ideas, letting them share ideas with the family, and by assisting them with making models of their inventive ideas.

Our students will be asked to survey you, their friends, and other family members to discover a problem that needs solving. Perhaps the cap is always left off of the toothpaste or your child is always losing sneakers, pencils or mittens. Once the children find problems to solve, they will begin thinking of many ideas that might solve those problems. When they do this, they will be combining many of the skills learned in science, social studies, language, writing, art, library, math, and more.Thank you for your support in this special and imaginative adventure in learning. You will be receiving more information during the school year.

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