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Anna Keichline (1889 - 1943)
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Anna Wagner Keichline
Anna Wagner Keichline
Anna Wagner Keichline, born in Bellefonte in 1889, was Pennsylvania's first registered woman architect.

Anna Keichline
Architecture portfolio.
Anna Wagner Keichline
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By Mary Bellis

Anna Keichline was the first woman to become a registered architect of Pennsylvania.

An inventor, Anna Keichline patented seven inventions. Anna Keichline's first patent was for an improved combined sink and washtub design. In 1924, she patented a kitchen design that included sloped countertops and glass-doored cabinets. In 1929, Anna Keichline patented a design for a space saving bed that folded away into the wall.

Her best known invention was the K Brick patented in 1927. The K Brick was a precursor to the modern concrete block. A hollow fireproof clay brick that was cheaper and lighter than any other building brick to that date. The K Brick could be filled with insulating or soundproof material and was designed for hollow wall construction.

In 1931, the American Ceramic Society honored Anna Keichline for her invention of the K Brick.

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