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The History of Flight
Leonard Michael Greene
 The History of Flight
Part I History of the Airplane
More Life Saving Airplane Equipment
Flight Suits and Anti-Gravity Suits
History of Parachutes
"It may be the greatest life saver since the invention of the parachute." - Saturday Evening Post Oct. 25, 1947

Leonard Michael Greene invented a device that warned pilots when their airplane was about to stall. Before Greene's invention, statistics showed that over half of all aviation deaths were caused by airplanes stalling. Greene was greatly affected by being an eye witness to the death of an airplane pilot caused by a stalled engine.

Leonard Michael Greene also invented a wind shear warning device for pilots. Greene has received over one hundred patents and sixty of those relate directly to airplane technology.

Leonard Michael Greene
Leonard Michael Greene invented a stall-warning device for airplanes. Greene has patented dozens of aviation technology inventions.

Leonard Michael Greene
Leonard Greene holds patents on dozens of inventions in aviation technology -- most notably, a device that warns pilots when they are in danger of experiencing a deadly aerodynamic stall. 

The Inventorship : The Art of Innovation by Leonard Micheal Greene (Compare Prices)
"From this lively and personal account, we learn that we can all practice inventorship to great advantage–measured either in gold or pleasure, or perhaps both!" – From the Foreword by Walter Cronkite 

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