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Ronald Demon - The Smart Shoe
Ronald Demon - Smart ShoeRonald Demon was issued US patent #5,813,142 for a "shoe sole with an adjustable support pattern." An athletic show marketed under the name of Smart Shoe.

Patent Abstract
A shoe having a adjustable cushion sole with fluid bladders disposed therein. Each fluid bladders has an associated pressure sensing device which measures the pressure exerted by the user's foot on the fluid bladder. As the pressure increases over a threshold, a control system partially opens a fluid valve to allow fluid to escape from the fluid bladder. The release of fluid from the fluid bladders reduces the impact of the user's foot with the traveling surface.

Ronald Demon
Ronald Demon was the inventor of the "Smart Shoe" an athletic shoe whose cushion support automatically adjusts to suit the shape of the wearer's feet and the manner in which the shoe is being used - Invention Dimension.

VectraSense Technologies
Massachusetts based VectraSense, founded in 1999, is an MIT technology company which develops and licenses its patented computerized footwear technologies to a number of footwear manufacturers.

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