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Aldus Pagemaker
By Mary Bellis

Desktop publishing or (DTP) has one main function page layout, the creation of attractive pages of text and graphics, for print magazines, posters, newsletters etc. all created on a computer.

In 1984, the "Apple Macintosh" was introduced, a personal computer which used a GUI or graphical user interface, so anyone could use a computer by pointing and clicking a computer mouse on pictures (icons) or menus. The next year in 1985, "Microsoft Windows" was introduced, a graphical user interface created for IBM computers.

The first desktop publishing program was created by Paul Brainard and a company called Aldus, the program called "Aldus Pagemaker 1.0" was released in July, 1985 for the "Macintosh" and in December, 1986, for the "IBM".

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