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Virginia Apgar

 More of Virginia Apgar
Virginia Apgar
Virginia Apgar invented a newborn scoring system called the  "Apgar Score".
Apgar Score

Through the eyes of Dr Virginia Apgar learn about the APGAR Score.
Dr. Virginia Apgar

Biography on Virginia Apgar.
Virginia Apgar - Legend

Virginia Apgar's contributions to medical science.
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Medical Innovations
Women Inventors
By Mary Bellis

Virginia Apgar was one of Columbia University's first female M.D.s. She graduated in 1933. She was one of the first American women to specialize in surgery. She became Columbia's first-ever full Professor of Anesthesiology in 1949. Apgar specialized in anesthesia and childbirth. She invented the Newborn Scoring System, also called the Apgar Score, in 1949 that assessed the health of newborns. In 1959, Apgar was appointed the Director of the March of Dimes. She died in 1974.

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Image U.S. Post Office - Virginia Apgar 20-cent Regular Stamp 
Issue Date & City: October 24, 1994, Dallas, Texas 
Series: Great Americans - Designer: Robert Anderson 

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