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Beulah Henry
"I cannot make up my mind whether it is a drawback or an advantage to be so utterly ignorant of mechanics as I am, I know nothing about mechanical terms and I am afraid I do make it rather difficult for the draughtsmen to whom I explain my ideas, but in the factories where I am known, they are exceedingly patient with me because they seem to have a lot of faith in my inventions." - Beulah Henry

Beulah Henry of Memphis, Tennessee created about 110 inventions and held 49 patents. Beulah Henry was considered one of the "Lady Edisons" for her prolific career in inventing.

A partial list of Beulah Henry's inventions includes:

  • vacuum ice cream freezer (1912)
  • umbrella with a variety different colored snap-on cloth covers (1924)
  • the first bobbinless sewing machine (1940)
  • "Protograph" - worked with a manual typewriter to make four copies of a document (1932)
  • "Continuously-attached Envelopes" for mass mailings (1952)
  • "Dolly Dips" soap-filled sponges forchildren (1929)
  • "Miss Illusion" doll with eyes that could change color and close (1935)
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