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Joyce Hall - Hallmark Cards
Joyce Hall - Biography 1891 - 1982

Joyce Hall was a youthful picture-postcard peddler who became the big name in greeting cards.

Joyce Hall
In 1910, Joyce Hall moved to Kansas City, and at age 17, he launched a mail-order postcard business, which he carried on while attending business college. This company, developed into the largest greeting card firm in the world.

Joyce Hall - Founder of Hallmark Cards
Joyce Hall was the founder of Hallmark Cards, Inc. Born in David City, Nebraska, Hall came to Kansas City, Missouri, at the age of 18 and turned a mail-order postcard business into the world's largest personal expression company.

Hallmark Cards Corporate Office
Photo of Hallmark Cards headquarters.

Crown Center
Crown Center is home to the international headquarters of Hallmark Cards, Inc. It was the vision of Joyce Hall, Hallmark Cards founder, and his son, Hallmark Chairman Donald J. Hall

Hallmark Cards
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