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Krisztina Holly
Krisztina Holly
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Krisztina Holly
Krisztina Holly
Krisztina Holly - telephony software and Visual Voice. 
Krisztina Holly
Engineer, entrepreneur 
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By Mary Bellis

As an undergraduate at the Media Lab at MIT, Krisztina Holly helped develop the world's first computer-generated, full-color reflection hologram. In 1991, while a graduate studient in mechanical engineering with a focus on product development, Krisztina Holly co-wrote a business plan that won MIT's Entrepreneurial Competition. She also co-designed and built a head-eye vision robot and developed a robotic weld-seam-tracking program for the space shuttle main engine. 

In 1992, Krisztina Holly, Michael Cassidy, and John Barrus co-invented and patented "The Stylus" The Stylus enabled consumers to order items by scanning a bar code with a stylus that fed the information to the seller via a touch-tone phone.

Krisztina Holly, Cassidy Brookins, and Chris Brookins co-invented Visual Voice, the first Windows-based computer telephony development tool. Visual Voice enabled software developer to create complex telephony systems, with call answering, voice-mail, call placing, and fax transmission. 

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Artwork by Mary Bellis
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