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Lloyd Augustus Hall (June 20, 1894 - January 2, 1971)

Food Preservation Processes
An industrial food chemist, Lloyd Augustus Hall revolutionized the meatpacking industry with his development of curing salts for the processing and reserving of meats. He developed a technique of "flash-driving" (evaporating) and a technique of sterilization with ethylene oxide which is still used by medical professionals today.

Lloyd Augustus Hall was born in Elgin, Illinois on June 20, 1894, and raised in Aurora, Illinois. Hall invented new ways to preserve food. In 1925, Hall was the chief chemist and director of research at Griffith Laboratories. It was here that Hall invented his processes for preserving meat using sodium chloride and nitrate and nitrite crystals.

Hall also pioneered the use of antioxidants. Fats and oils spoil when exposed to oxygen in the air. Hall used lecithin, propyl gallate, and ascorbyl palmite as antioxidants, and invented a process to prepare the antioxidants for food preservation. He invented a process to sterilized spices using ethylenoxide gas, an insecticide. Today, the use of perservatives has been reexamined. Preservatives have been linked to many health issues.

List of complete patents awarded to Lloyd Augustus Hall

Lloyd Augustus Hall
Lloyd Augustus Hall was the inventor of food preservation processes - Invention Dimension.

Lloyd Augustus Hall
Lloyd Augustus Hall was a pioneer of food chemistry. During his career, he made significant contributions in meat curing and food preservation and obtained more than 100 patents.

Lloyd Augustus Hall: Chemist and Inventor
Lloyd Hall is responsible for the meat curing products, seasonings, emulsions, bakery products, antioxidants, protein hydrolysates, and many other products that keep our food fresh and flavorable.

Lloyd Augustus Hall

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