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Subject: Lightbulb: New ways to research inventors

The Lightbulb
The Inventors.About.com Newsletter
January 11, 2000

~ Famous Inventions A-Z
~ Historical Inventors A-Z
~ A Century of Inventions 1900 - 1999
~ Hot Threads - Forum Discussions
~ Community
~ Upcoming

--------------Reference & Articles----------------------

Historical Inventions A-Z
Many of our readers use "Inventors" as a way to research and find out more about famous inventors and inventions. Recently we have reorganized the material that can be found on our site to allow our readers to find the material they are looking for in an easier fashion. The A-Z lists all have an alphabetical index at the top, so you can click on the first letter of whatever it is you are looking for information on. As always if you don't find what you are looking for, you can always email me with your request and I will do my best to add reference material for you.

Historical Inventors A-Z
An A-Z list of historical inventors.

A Century of Inventions 1900 - 1999
A timeline of the inventions of the 20th century.

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---------------------Hot Threads-------------------------

The following are the hot thread or forum discussions going on in our Delphi forum right now. These are all conversations on our bulletin board that you can feel free to join in and add you comments, opinions, advice or disagreements. Our forums are attracting the "professionals" among our readers, this is a good place to connect with your fellow inventor. You can read or browse all the messages as a guest, but you have to join in order to leave a message.

Discussion: "I have an idea and I have been talking to a company about it. I don't have the money to pay for a prototype and a patent. I was wondering what % the company should get if they pay for everything? I talked to somebody that said the company should get 20%."
Can anybody help her? Looks like she is going to need it!

Discussion: "I have a great idea for an invention composed of two different things already well in existence.
   1. Do I actually have to physically put these two items together, or demonstrate
   how you'd put them together?
   2. Can a patent be granted for this item?
   3. Is there a necessity to do #1; if so, would I seek the assistance of an outside
   party or simply a patent agent/attorney?"
Do we have a patent agent/attorney in the house?

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------------------ Community ------------------

Events Calendar
Tradeshows and conventions of service to inventors. Please email me the details of your event for inclusion.

------------------ Upcoming on Inventors ------------------

Nanotechnology - Breaking news and events in this futuristic branch of science.

------------------ Lights Off ------------------

Mary Bellis

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