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History of Clothing - From an Inventors Perspective
Who invented the bikini, tuxedo, bra, shoes, raincoat and other articles of clothing ?
History of the Ready Made Clothing Industry - Inventors - About.com
After the sewing machine was invented, the ready-made clothing industry took off . Before sewing machines, nearly all clothing was local and hand-sewn, there ...
French Clothing Vocabulary - French Language - About.com
Learn the French words for clothing in this five-page lesson.
Articles of Clothing in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
List of the Spanish words for common articles of clothing.
French Clothing Vocabulary - French Language - About.com
French for beginners: test on French clothing: sans serif font clothing vocabulary french clothing document url french test.
French Clothing Vocabulary - French Language - About.com
French for beginners: men's clothing vocabulary: clothing vocabulary french vocabulary french grammar french clothing language newsletter.
How do I Remove Cat Urine Stains and Odor from Clothes
For washable clothing or linens, first flush the area with cold water. Then launder as usual with a heavy-duty detergent, adding 1 cup vinegar to the wash water.
French Clothing Vocabulary - French Language - About.com
French for beginners: clothing vocabulary: chemise de nuit collant pantyhose high heeled shoes clothing vocabulary french vocabulary.
How to Recycle Clothes into New Fashion
Recycled DIY Fashion is a great way to reuse clothing that you would otherwise have to throw away. Learn how to recycle clothes into new fashion and save ...
English-German Clothing and Fashion Glossary - German Language
An English-German glossary of clothing and fashion terms - Modelexikon.
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