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History of Clothing - From an Inventors Perspective
Who invented the bikini, tuxedo, bra, shoes, raincoat and other articles of clothing ?
French Clothing Vocabulary - French Language - About.com
Learn the French words for clothing in this five-page lesson.
Articles of Clothing in Spanish - Spanish Language - About.com
List of the Spanish words for common articles of clothing.
French Clothing Vocabulary - French Language - About.com
French for beginners: test on French clothing: sans serif font clothing vocabulary french clothing document url french test.
English-German Clothing and Fashion Glossary - German Language
An English-German glossary of clothing and fashion terms - Modelexikon.
French Clothing Vocabulary - French Language - About.com
French for beginners: men's clothing vocabulary: clothing vocabulary french vocabulary french grammar french clothing language newsletter.
Removing Alcohol Stains From Clothing - Housekeeping - About.com
Step by step ideas for stain removal of alcohol in clothing. Learn how to remove alcohol stains from your clothing. Get alcohol stain removal ideas for alcohol ...
How to Remove Mud Stains From Clothing
Whether your mud stain is dried or caked on, these simple steps will help you get the mud out. Find out how to thoroughly remove mud from clothing.
A Checklist of Newborn Clothes for the First 8 Weeks - Baby Clothes
The first eight weeks of a baby's life requires a few key pieces of newborn clothes . New babies are messy, so multiples of each item are recommended. But don't ...
How do I Remove Cat Urine Stains and Odor from Clothes
For washable clothing or linens, first flush the area with cold water. Then launder as usual with a heavy-duty detergent, adding 1 cup vinegar to the wash water.
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