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History of the Segway Human Transporter - Inventors - About.com
What was once a mysterious invention created by Dean Kamen that had everyone speculating as to what it was - is now known as the Segway Human ...
Dean Kamen - The Life of an Adventurous Inventor - Inventors
Dean Kamen is an American businessman and inventor. Kamen is best know for the invention of the electric-powered Segway personal human transporter, best ...
Biographies of Famous Inventors - K - About.com
Dean Kamen. Dean Kamen invented a portable medication technology. Nathan Kane. Invented an improved bellows, a modular hydrostatic bearing for machine  ...
Creating Innovators Excerpt
Apple's Steve Jobs; Michael Dell of Dell Computer; Larry Ellison, founder of the software giant Oracle; and the inventor Dean Kamen are other famous high-tech  ...
Stair-Climbing Wheelchair - iBOT Mobility System
Dean Kamen, an inventor who is well known for the Segway scooter, created iBOT and licensed it to Johnson and Johnson. To prove iBOT works: 18 wheelchair ...
Famous Inventors - K - About.com
What was once a mysterious invention created by Dean Kamen that had everyone speculating as to what it was - was revealed and demonstrated as the now ...
Maldiciones en el teatro - About.com
Dean Kamen. En Estados Unidos es conocida por todo el mundo la llamada Maldición del Bambino. Esta maldición “cayó” sobre el equipo de baseball de los  ...
April Birthdays - Scientists and Inventors with April Birthdays
... 1951 - Dean Kamen invented the Segway, the AutoSyringe, a mobile dialysis system, and the insulin pump; 1954 - Computer programmer, Michael W. Butler ...
New York Famous People - Inventors
... that facilitated kidney transplants. Dean Kamen invented the Segway human transport device. Will Keith Kellogg the founder of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
The History of Foot-Powered and Motorized Scooters - Inventors
Ginger Scooter. Dean Kamen invented the Ginger Scooter or Segway Human Transporter. Related Articles. Trivia Questions on Invention History · Radio, Root  ...
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