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Filing For A Provisional Patent Application - Inventors - About.com
Since a provisional utility patent application is often connected to your later filing a nonprovisional utility patent application, you should educate yourself in How ...
Tax Filing Basics - Tax Planning - About.com
Use the links below to find basic information about filing taxes in the United States of America. The links will go to a sub-category page containing articles on the ...
Information and Details on Filing Your Taxes
Tax preparation software can help you file your taxes accurately by walking you step by step through the filing process. The best software programs offer tax ...
Choosing Your Filing Status on Federal Income Taxes - Tax Planning
Choose only one filing status, depending on your situation. Generally, your filing status depends on your marital status as of the last day of the year.
Filing Tips for People Who Hate Filing - Small Business Canada
Do you hate filing? These tips for cutting down on the time you have to spend filing include how to use a two-stage filing system and how to file by group to ...
About Filing Status - Tax Planning - About.com
Directory of content on About.com related to the topic of filing status.
Married Filing Separately Status on Tax Returns - Tax Planning
The Married Filing Separately filing status provides fewer tax benefits than filing joint returns, but taxpayers will need to weigh the pros and cons.
Community Property Deductions for Spouses Filing Separately
Couple filing taxes - Tetra Images/Getty Images. Tetra Images/Getty Images. Married couples who file separate federal tax returns need to identify community  ...
Single Filing Status - Tax Planning - About.com
You can claim the single filing status on your tax return if you are unmarried or " considered unmarried" on the last day of the year, and you don't qualify for a ...
Filing Your Taxes: E-File or Paper File? - Tax Planning - About.com
E-file is fast and safe, paper filing is low-key. Find out which is best for you, or if you are required to file on paper.
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