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The History of the Frisbee - Inventors - About.com
The empty pie plates of the Frisbie Baking Company become the prototype for the Frisbee - inventor Walter Frederick Morrison sold his Pluto Platter to Wham-O  ...
Stories about Great Thinkers and Inventors - About.com
Patent Drawing for Ed Headrick's Wham-O Frisbee. USPTO & Mary Bellis. The following stories about great thinkers and inventors will help to motivate your ...
Calories Burned Frisbee - Ultimate
Calories burned with Frisbee. Ultimate 544 calories per hour. Assuming a body weight of: 150 lbs. This is equivalent to eating any of the lines of the following ...
Pittsburgh Area Frisbee - Ultimate Frisbee - Freestyle Frisbee Links
Pittsburgh area Ultimate Frisbee league and teams, freestyle frisbee throws and tips, pickup games and more.
Paper Plate Ribbon Frisbee Fun! - Family Crafts - About.com
We're making fun flying frisbees with our left over paper plates and a little decorative ribbon. These will make a great craft for the kids to make after the summer ...
Frisbee Invented - January Fundays - Homeschooling - About.com
January special days and holidays. Learn all about frisbees and celebrate with some fun activities.
High Flying Fun - Frisbee Kite Flying Bungee Jumping Gliders
Pittsburgh area frisbee, kite flying, gliders, bungee jumping and other high flying sports for the kid in all of us.
Sky Bouncer: Bouncing Ball or Frisbee? - Toys - About.com
... or frisbee? It's actually both! The Sky Bouncer can be used like a frisbee, but it is also capable of bouncing 25 feet in the air for a unique outdoor play experience.
Disc Golf Courses in Austin - About.com
One favorite local activity is disc golf, also sometimes called Frisbee golf. Players throw Frisbees into baskets, and each basket is called a "hole," just as in golf.
Total Body Workout with Gliders - Exercise - About.com
If you don't have Gliding Discs, you can use paper plates, a towel on hardwood floors or even a Frisbee. Take care and test them before you exercise--they may ...
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