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The Invention of Velcro - George de Mestral - Inventors - About.com
George de Mestral takes his dog for a walk and a new invention is born Velcro.
Historical Invention And Inventors Index - About.com
Neon 1902, Georges Claude. Neoprene ... Dr William Reich. Peanut Products Approx 1880, George Washington Carver ... VELCRO® 1948, George de Mestral.
Science of the 1940s - Inventors - About.com
1948. The Frisbee ® invented by Walter Frederick Morrison and Warren Franscioni. Velcro ® invented by George de Mestral. Robert Hope-Jones invented the ...
Technologie-Lexikon - English-German Glossary (2)
Velcro®, das Velcro®, George de Mestral, 1948. Patented 1955. video tape recorder, der Videorecorder, Ampex, 1956. Volkswagen "Beetle", der Volkswagen ...
5 Examples of Biomimetic Technology - New Tech - About.com
One of the older examples of a designer using nature for product inspiration is Velcro. In 1941, Swiss engineer George de Mestral observed the structure of burrs ...
Swiss Inventors - Inventions from Switzerland - About.com
The Swiss inventor chemist, Georges Audemars invented rayon around 1855. ... George de Mestral takes his dog for a walk and a new invention is born called ...
Uses for Weeds in Everyday Life - Landscaping - About.com
May 16, 2014 ... After the fact, the connection with Velcro is sort of obvious, but it took a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral to make the product a reality.
How to Dye Fabric Yellow Naturally - Burdock
In the early 1940s, George de Mestral, a Swiss inventor, became curious about the burrs on his clothing and dog's fur. Examining them under a microscope, ...
Clothing Fasteners - Inventors - About.com
How to Sew: Sew a Button Video · Surfboard Leash - Surfboard Leash · The Invention of Velcro - George de Mestral · Honda Accord Side Mirror Fastener ...
Famous Inventors and Inventions - M Biographies - About.com
George de Mestral. Invented VELCRO and Mother Nature could not have made it better herself. Robert Metcalfe. Introduced the world to network computing with ...
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