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Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - Invention and History - Inventors
A look at the invention of liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, developed by George Heilmeier and patented by James Fergason in the early 70s.
Timeline and Inventions of the 70s - Inventors - About.com
The liquid-crystal display (LCD) invented by James Fergason. The microprocessor invented by Faggin, Hoff and Mazor. VCR or videocassette invented. Ads.
Missouri Famous People - Missouri Inventors
... bombsights and for launching long-range missiles. James Fergason holds some of the fundamental patents in liquid crystal displays filed in the early 1970's.
Physics: LCD, liquid crystal display, mac faqs - AllExperts
Feb 6, 2006 ... LCD - Glossary - LCD Display · James Fergason - History of Liquid Crystal ... James J. Kovalcin · Steve Nelson · Steve Johnson · Spaceman ...
Famous Inventions - L - Inventors - About.com
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display. James Fergason was the inventor of an improved liquid crystal display or LCD. Letter Box. Philip Downing invented the letter drop ...
Read About Famous Inventors: A to Z - About.com
James Fergason. Invented liquid crystal display or LCD. ... Hot air balloon - James F. Dean/ Stone/ Getty images · History's Most Famous Inventions, From A to Z.
Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) and Josh Duhamel - Newlyweds
The life stories and romance of Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) and Josh ... Slash, Kate Hudson, Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O'Connell, Mario Lopez, James Caan, and  ...
Famous Invention History - L - Inventors - About.com
Hot air balloon - James F. Dean/ Stone/ Getty images · History's Most Famous Inventions, From A to Z · Edwin Armstrong - Mary Bellis. Here's an A-Z List of ...

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