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Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - Invention and History - Inventors
A look at the invention of liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, developed by George Heilmeier and patented by James Fergason in the early 70s.
Timeline and Inventions of the 70s - Inventors - About.com
The liquid-crystal display (LCD) invented by James Fergason. The microprocessor invented by Faggin, Hoff and Mazor. VCR or videocassette invented. Ads.
Missouri Famous People - Missouri Inventors
... bombsights and for launching long-range missiles. James Fergason holds some of the fundamental patents in liquid crystal displays filed in the early 1970's.
Famous Inventions - L - Inventors - About.com
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display. James Fergason was the inventor of an improved liquid crystal display or LCD. Letter Box. Philip Downing invented the letter drop ...
Physics: LCD, liquid crystal display, mac faqs - AllExperts
Feb 6, 2006 ... LCD - Glossary - LCD Display · James Fergason - History of Liquid Crystal ... James J. Kovalcin · Steve Nelson · Steve Johnson · Spaceman ...
Read About Famous Inventors: A to Z - About.com
James Fergason. Invented liquid crystal display or LCD. ... Hot air balloon - James F. Dean/ Stone/ Getty images. History's Most Famous Inventions, From A to Z.
Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) and Josh Duhamel - Newlyweds
The life stories and romance of Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) and Josh ... Slash, Kate Hudson, Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O'Connell, Mario Lopez, James Caan, and  ...
Free Tickets to the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - Talk Shows
Craig Ferguson arrives at The Santa Monica Museum Of Art's Annual Precognito Gala at Santa Monica. Craig Ferguson. .... By James Rocchi · Hollywood ...
Famous Invention History - L - Inventors - About.com
Hot air balloon - James F. Dean/ Stone/ Getty images. History's Most Famous Inventions, From A to Z · Edwin Armstrong - Mary Bellis · Here's an A-Z List of ...
Craig Ferguson's Weekly Guest Schedule - Talk Shows - About.com
Who's on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this week? ... With guests, Ferguson dishes up Scottish humor on American shores, ... By James Rocchi.

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