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Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - Invention and History - Inventors
A look at the invention of liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, developed by George Heilmeier and patented by James Fergason in the early 70s.
What is an LCD TV? - Home Theater - About.com
LCD TV - Flat panel televisions are quickly becoming quite commonplace on store shelves and in consumers' homes. Although Plasma TVs seem to be getting  ...
LCD Flat Panel Display - Glossary of Electronics Terms - Smartphones
An LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, is a type of screen that is used in many computers, TVs, and cell phones. LCDs are very thin, but are actually composed of ...
Digital Camera Glossary: LCD - Cameras - About.com
The digital camera glossary defines LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, as the display technology used to create the screens embedded in the back of nearly all  ...
Can Burn-In Happen to LCD Monitors? - PC Reviews - About.com
Article from the About PC Hardware / Reviews Guide discussing image persistence on LCD monitors and ways to prevent or correct the issue.
LCD Monitor Buyer's Guide - PC Reviews - About.com
An article from the About.com PC Reviews Expert that examines the various specifications listed with LCD computer monitors to make an informed comparison ...
CRT Versus LCD: Which Monitor Is the Best to Buy? - PC Reviews
Article from the PC Hardware / Reviews guide discussing the advantages and disadvantages of CRT and LCD based PC computer monitors to help in selecting  ...
What Is TFT-LCD? - Smartphones - About.com
TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor, and is a type of technology used to improve the image quality of an LCD. Each pixel on a TFT-LCD has its own transistor on ...
LCD TV FAQs - Home Theater - About.com
Flat panel televisions are quickly becoming quite commonplace on store shelves and in consumers' homes. LCD is one type of flat panel TV available.
LCD Definition (Liquid Crystal Display) - PC Support - About.com
LCD, in respect to computers, is a kind of monitor. LCD is short for liquid crystal display.
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