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Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - Invention and History - Inventors
An LCD or liquid crystal display is a type of flat panel display commonly used in digital devices, for example: digital clocks, appliance displays, and portable ...
Can Burn-In Happen to LCD Monitors? - PC Reviews - About.com
Article from the About PC Hardware / Reviews Guide discussing image persistence on LCD monitors and ways to prevent or correct the issue.
What is an LCD TV? - Home Theater - About.com
LCD TV - Flat panel televisions are quickly becoming quite commonplace on store shelves and in consumers' homes. Although Plasma TVs seem to be getting  ...
Desktop and Laptop Computer LCD Monitor Buyer's Guide
An article from the About.com PC Reviews Expert that examines the various specifications listed with LCD computer monitors to make an informed comparison ...
Digital Camera Glossary: LCD
The digital camera glossary defines LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, as the display technology used to create the screens embedded in the back of nearly all  ...
LCD Flat Panel Display - Glossary of Electronics Terms - Smartphones
An LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, is a type of screen that is used in many computers, TVs, and cell phones.
CRT Versus LCD: Which Monitor Is the Best to Buy? - PC Reviews
Article from the PC Hardware / Reviews guide discussing the advantages and disadvantages of CRT and LCD based PC computer monitors to help in selecting  ...
LCD Definition (Liquid Crystal Display) - PC Support - About.com
LCD, in respect to computers, is a kind of monitor. LCD is short for liquid crystal display.
How to Clean an LCD Monitor Video
LCD monitors need to be cleaned in order to get the best possible picture, but they need to be cleaned delicately. This About.com video will show you how to ...
LCD TV FAQs - Answers To Basic Questions About LCD Flat Panel ...
Flat panel televisions are quickly becoming quite commonplace on store shelves and in consumers' homes. LCD is one type of flat panel TV available.
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