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The History of Mail and Postal Innovations - Inventors - About.com
The first envelopes used for mail were made of cloth, animal skins, or vegetable parts.
mail - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: mail. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
Apple Mail Tips and Tricks - Mac - About.com
Apple Mail has been the de-facto standard for email clients almost since the early days of OS X. Since then, many Mac email clients have come and gone, but ...
OS X Mail Review: Description, Pros and Cons - Email - About.com
Mail is the solid, powerful and easy to use email program built into OS X. While Mail's smart spam filter gets rid of practically all junk mail, the astonishingly fast ...
How to Access a Gmail Account in Mac OS X Mail 3-5 - About Email
Gmail is in any browser and very functional there. This is your Mac, however, and Mac OS X Mail is just as functional—if not more so—while being faster to boot ...
Get the Most Out of Mac OS X Mail - About Email
Mac OS X comes with a great email application built in. Find information, reviews, add-ons, links and more for Mail here.
How to Use Apple Mail Rules Feature to Organize Email
You can save time and ease your stress level by using the Rules feature in Apple Mail to organize incoming email. We'll show you how in this quick tip.
Mountain Lion Mail Fails to Auto-Complete Addresses
If Mountain Lion Mail is having problems with auto-completing email addresses, this tip may help you get the feature working again.
Zoho Mail Tips - Free Email Service Tricks and Secrets - About Email
Full of knobs, buttons, keys and menus, Zoho Mail has much to offer — and much to discover. Find out more about what Zoho Mail can do for you with these tips, ...
Windows Mail - Free Email Program Review - About.com
Windows Mail is a fun and functional email program that keeps you relatively safe with spam and phishing filters while offering fast search and enough room for ...
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