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How Do I Apply for a Patent for My Invention? - Inventors - About.com
Briefly, you apply for a patent by filling out a patent application and submitting it to a Patent Office and paying a fee - for example, for a U.S. patent you would ...
Where To Get A Patent Application - Inventors - About.com
Quick and easy - where to get a patent application and what kind you will need.
How to File a Utility Patent Application - Inventors - About.com
How to file a patent application for a non-provisional utility patent.
Understanding a Provisional Patent Application
According to some schools of inventing a provisional patent application is a low- cost alternative or a preliminary step before filing for a non-provisional patent ...
Filing For A Provisional Patent Application - Inventors - About.com
Provisional patent applications - how to apply for this one year low cost patent.
Patent Application - Utility Patent Application Transmittal Form
A transmittal letter should be filed with every utilty patent application to instruct the USPTO as to what actual types of papers are being filed.
Guide To Patents And Filing USPTO Patent Applications - Inventors
Utility applications can be provisional or nonprovisional. A provisional application is a very simple patent application which includes only a description of the ...
Patents 101 - Entrepreneurs - About.com
The patent application must be extremely detailed. You have to be able to show how your invention works, so you may need to test and build a prototype. Also ...
Writing Descriptions for a Patent Application - Inventors - About.com
The description, together with the claims, is often referred to as the specification. As this word suggests, these are the sections of the patent application where ...
What Is A Provisional Patent Application? - Inventors - About.com
The keyword in provisional patent application is provisional.
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