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Timeline - Significant Dates in Post Office History
History of the United States Post Office service: railway mail service international parcel post international money orders first postmaster general mail fraud.
History of the Post Office - Postal Mechanization and Automation
At the turn of the century the Post Office Department relied entirely on antiquated mailhandling operations.
History of Airmail at the Post Office - Inventors - About.com
The Post Office most extraordinary role in transportation was in the sky with airmail.
German Postal Vocabulary - At the Post Office
An annotated English- German glossary and phrasebook for going to the post office and writing letters.
The History of the United States Postal Service - Inventors - About.com
History of The United States Postal Office. Return To The History of Mail. History of the United States Post Office Table of Contents • SIGNIFICANT DATES IN ...
Phoenix Post Offices Open Late on April 15 For Tax Return Drop Off
It's April 15, and your taxes must be postmarked today or they will be considered late. Are there any post offices in Phoenix open late where you can mail my ...
Address, Directions and Interactive Map to Phoenix Main Post Office
See the address, directions and a map to the Phoenix Main Post Office in Phoenix, Arizona.
Post Office - Italian Language - About.com
Italian Audio Phrasebook Vocabulary of essential terms by topic. Post Office / L' Ufficio Postale Click to hear the highlighted word spoken by a native speaker.
Where Can I Find a Post Office in Amsterdam? - Amsterdam Travel
You can't - there are none. In fact, there are no official post offices to be found in any Dutch city since October 2011, when the last post office closed in Utrecht, ...
Madrid Post Office - Spain Travel - About.com
The famous Madrid post office, more properly referred to as the Palacio de las Comunicaciones, is Madrid's main post office. The most iconic image in Madrid ...
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