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Fabrics - The History of Fabrics and Different Fibers - Inventors
Rayon was the first manufactured fiber developed, it made from wood or cotton pulp and was first known as artificial silk. The Swiss chemist, Georges Audemars  ...
Rayon Fabric Definition, RAyon Fabric Care, Rayon Fabric
Find out how to care for rayon fabric. Rayon fabric is used in many clothing and home furnishing projects. Find out about rayon fabric and its uses.
Rayon Definition - Chemistry - About.com
Rayon starts out as cellulose, a polysaccharide consisting of linked glucose subunits. David Richfield. Definition: Rayon is a commercial polymer fiber made ...
How to Remove Stains from Rayon Fabric - Laundry - About.com
Rayon is a manufactured fabric made from purified cellulose, usually from wood pulp. Because rayon is manufactured from naturally occurring products but is ...
How to Remove Ink from Rayon/Polyester Shirt - Laundry - About.com
Can you please help me remove a blue ball point pen ink stain from a 70% rayon , 30% polyester shirt? I haven't tried washing it yet, afraid of setting it.
How to Remove Mystery Stain from Rayon Dress - Submit an Entry ...
I don't know what........and it will not come out with just water or water and soap. I need to know where to begin to get out the stain. Can rayon be washed?
How to Remove Bacon Grease from a Rayon Shirt - Submit an Entry ...
I got bacon grease on a rayon blouse. I have laundered it in the washing machine and hung it up to dry. The grease stain is still there. Can you tell me if there is ...
How to Dye Rayon - DIY Fashion - About.com
How to Dye Rayon. Learn how to dye plant-based cellulose fibers with these instructions.
How to Remove Color Bleeding On Rayon Dress - Submit an Entry ...
It's just a stain bleeding that occurred in store or right after it was made. It is a nisha maxi dress by world market. It's made all Rayon with really sensitive stitching.
How to Remove Make-Up Stains from Viscose Rayon - Submit an ...
An About.com Laundry reader asks How to Remove Make-Up Stains from Viscose Rayon.
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