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The History of Foot-Powered and Motorized Scooters - Inventors
Early patents for scooters have been filed as far back as 1921. We examine the history of the scooter, from an inventor's perspective.
Scooters - Early Patent Drawings History of Scooters - Inventors
Patents for scooters have been filed as early as 1921.
1931 - Scooter - Inventors - About.com
1931 - Scooter. ... Early Patent Drawings - History of Scooters. By Mary Bellis · Inventors Expert. Share this. Step 3 of 5. 1931 - Scooter. -. 1931 - Scooter.
Scooter Helmets - Picture of a Momo Scooter Helmet - Motorcycles
More a European phenomenon than an American one, scooter helmets often have an open face area with a built-in visor.
Photo Razor Scooter - Inventors - About.com
Photo of razor scooter. ... refer to our privacy policy for contact information. The Razor Scooter took 5 years to design under Gino Tsai and the J.D. Corporation.
Scooter Rentals in Miami Beach, Florida - Miami Travel - About.com
Scooters are a popular mode of transportation for visitors to Miami Beach, because they are less expensive than a car, available for rent to younger drivers, and ...
Mobility Scooters - Disability - About.com
Jun 24, 2014 ... One of the most popular mobility aids today is the mobility scooter. Each manufacturer of these scooters offers a variety of details that can help ...
Scooter Reviews - Reviews of Scooters - Motorcycles - About.com
Already popular in Europe, although unchanged since the 2007 model year release, we finally see a compromise between maxi-scooter and maxi price in the  ...
Rent a Mobility Scooter / ECV for Your Vacation - Senior Travel
Even if you already own a mobility scooter (also known as an electric convenience vehicle or ECV), you may want to consider renting one for your next trip.
Disneyland Wheelchair and ECV Scooter Rentals Guide
Oct 17, 2014 ... If you need some help getting around Disneyland, you can bring your own wheelchair or scooter. If your situation is temporary (like my injured ...
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