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Scotch Tape and Richard Drew Inventor - Inventors - About.com
Scotch Tape was invented by banjo playing 3M engineer Richard Drew.
Semi Joseph Begun - Magnetic Tape - Inventors - About.com
A pioneer in the early history of magnetic tape recording, Semi Joseph Begun's advancements in the magnetic tape field eventually provided the 3M company ...
Bias Tape -- What is it and why Q&A - Sewing - About.com
Bias tape is strips of fabric that has been cut on the bias of fabric. Packaged bias tape may be purchased in various widths, in single fold and double fold forms.
Sewing Tape Measures - About.com
A sewing tape measure is one of the must have tools for sewing. There are many forms of tape measures available. Find out what kind will suit your needs best.
How to Read a Tape Measure - Quarter Inch Mark - Home Renovation
Jun 9, 2014 ... Find out the easy way to read a tape measure, even if you hate math. Page 5.
How To Read a Tape Measure - One Inch - Whole Inch
Jun 9, 2014 ... Find out the easy way to read a tape measure, even if you hate math.
Gummed Brown Tape -- Art Glossary Definition - Painting - About.com
Gummed brown tape is a type of tape made from brown paper that has dried glue on one side which you wet with water to activate (like you moisten the glue on ...
How To Read a Tape Measure - Half Inch Mark - Home Renovation
Jun 9, 2014 ... Find out the easy way to read a tape measure, even if you hate math.
Step 7 - How To Grip Tape a Deck - Cutting the Edges of the Grip Tape
Step 7 - Step by step instructions on applying grip tape to your skateboard deck. Instructions on what tools to use when putting grip tape on a skateboard, how to ...
Grip Tape - Skateboarding Dictionary - About.com
Skaters often cut patterns into their grip tape before applying it, to make their boards unique, but also to help them easily tell between the nose and the tail of the ...
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