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Television History - Inventors - About.com
History of television. black and white, color, and digital TV, cameras, video recording, and broadcast equipment, with inventors Farnsworth, Baird, Zworykin, and ...
Timeline - The Invention of Television - Inventors - About.com
Television was not invented by a single inventor instead many people working together and alone contributed to its evolution.
Color Television History - Inventors - About.com
Color television was by no means a new idea since its attraction and possibility early engaged the imaginations of inventors - A German patent in 1904 ...
John Baird - Mechanical Television System - Inventors - About.com
John Baird is remembered as being an inventor of mechanical television radar and fiber optics.
Books on the History of Television - Inventors - About.com
Books about the complete history of television, early black and white, color, and digital systems. The evolution of television cameras, video recording and ...
Closed Captioning - Television History - Inventors - About.com
A law in the United States called the Television Decoder Circuitry Act of 1990 mandates since July 1993, that all televisions manufactured for sale in the U.S. ...
Philo Farnsworth - Inventors - About.com
Philo Farnsworth was the farm boy who conceived the basic operating principles of electronic television at the age of just 13 years.
Cable Television History - Inventors - About.com
Cable television - formerly known as Community Antenna Television or CATV was born in the mountains of Pennsylvania in the late 1940s.
The Television System of Paul Nipkow - Inventors - About.com
German engineering student, Paul Nipkow proposed and patented the world's first mechanical television system in 1884. Paul Nipkow devised the notion of ...
LCD Television - Definition and Explanation
An LCD Television is a flat panel television that utilizes the same basic Liquid Crystal Display technology that has been in used for some time in cell phones, ...
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