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Television History - Inventors - About.com
History of television. black and white, color, and digital TV, cameras, video recording, and broadcast equipment, with inventors Farnsworth, Baird, Zworykin, and ...
Timeline - The Invention of Television - Inventors - About.com
Television was not invented by a single inventor instead many people working together and alone contributed to its evolution.
Color Television History - Inventors - About.com
Color television was by no means a new idea since its attraction and possibility early engaged the imaginations of inventors - A German patent in 1904 ...
John Baird - Mechanical Television System - Inventors - About.com
John Baird is remembered as being an inventor of mechanical television radar and fiber optics.
Books on the History of Television - Inventors - About.com
Books about the complete history of television, early black and white, color, and digital systems. The evolution of television cameras, video recording and ...
The Television System of Paul Nipkow - Inventors - About.com
German engineering student, Paul Nipkow proposed and patented the world's first mechanical television system in 1884. Paul Nipkow devised the notion of ...
Philo Farnsworth - Inventors - About.com
Philo Farnsworth was the farm boy who conceived the basic operating principles of electronic television at the age of just 13 years.
Cable Television History - Inventors - About.com
Cable television - formerly known as Community Antenna Television or CATV was born in the mountains of Pennsylvania in the late 1940s.
Closed Captioning - Television History - Inventors - About.com
A law in the United States called the Television Decoder Circuitry Act of 1990 mandates since July 1993, that all televisions manufactured for sale in the U.S. ...
Buying A Television: What You Need To Know - Home Theater
Note: Although CRT-based (Tube) televisions have been phased out, information on what to consider when buying a CRT-based television is still provided as ...
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