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The History of the Zipper - Inventors - About.com
The humble zipper is just a few inches of interlocking metal teeth that has changed the way we dress forever. Learn how the humble zipper earned its name and ...
Picture of the Original Zipper Patent - Inventors
Inventor Gideon Sundback - separable fastener - Zipper - original patent.
How To Shorten a Zipper - Sewing - About.com
Directions to adjust the length of a zipper and keep the zipper integrity can be found here.
How to Shorten the Length of a Zipper - Sewing - About.com
Shortening a zipper to the length you want is not a hard task. Step-by-step directions will take you through the process.
How to Fix a Broken Zipper - Zipper Repair - DIY Fashion - About.com
How to repair a broken zipper. Fix a broken or stuck zipper with these easy instructions.
How to Repair a Broken Zipper: Stitch It Up - DIY Fashion - About.com
How to repair a broken zipper. Fix a broken or stuck zipper with these easy instructions.
How to Replace a Zipper Pull - DIY Fashion - About.com
Learn how to replace a missing zipper pull, or just make a cool new one, using your favorite key chain. Key chains are ideal because they already come with a ...
Types of Zippers - The All Purpose Zipper - Sewing - About.com
A photo gallery that explain the different types of zippers. On this page we discuss the all purpose zipper and what they are.
Types of Zippers -Trouser Zipper - Sewing - About.com
Learn about the various kinds of zippers to know what kind of zipper to purchase when you are replacing or sewing in a new zipper. A trouser zipper has more ...
DIY Fix: Zipper Comes Apart After Zipped - DIY Fashion - About.com
Does your zipper come apart when zipped? Learn how to keep your zipper from popping open with this DIY fix from Rain Blanken.
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