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The History of the Zipper - Inventors - About.com
The humble zipper is just a few inches of interlocking metal teeth that has changed the way we dress forever. Learn how the humble zipper earned its name and ...
Invisible Zipper Foot - Sewing - About.com
Learn the what an invisible or concealed zipper foot is for your sewing machine, find the correct foot for your sewing machine and more with the information in ...
Types of Zippers - The All Purpose Zipper - Sewing - About.com
A photo gallery that explain the different types of zippers. On this page we discuss the all purpose zipper and what they are.
Sewing Zippers - Instructions and Information - About.com
Zippers tend to scare people off. There really is no reason to be afraid of sewing a zipper. There is a way to practice without spending a cent. Before you discard ...
How to Sew Zippers - Free Directions, Pointers and Tips for Sewing ...
Need help learning how to sew in zippers? This article will guide you through how to sew in a centered zipper with results you will be proud of. The pointers, tips ...
Tips and Tricks to Sew an Invisible Zipper -- Fool Proof Perfect ...
Sew in an invisible zipper and have fool proof perfect results by learning the tips and tricks to a perfectly sewn in invisible zipper.
Sew an Invisible Zipper - Slideshow Instructions - Sewing - About.com
Follow this guide to understand how to sew in an invisible zipper. Theses photo enhanced step by step directions will guide you through everything you need to ...
Types of Zippers - Separating Zippers - For Jackets Coats and More
Separating zippers are zippers that open at the bottom allowing both sides of the zipper to come apart as in a jacket zipper. The type of separating zipper ...
Types of Zippers - Invisible Zipper - A Zipper Hidden in the Seam
Learn about the various kinds of zippers to know what kind of zipper to purchase when you are replacing or sewing in a new zipper. Learn when and where to ...
Tutorial for Replacing a Broken Zipper on Jeans - Sewing - About.com
It's a bummer when the zipper breaks on your favorite jeans... any jeans! Save yourself a ton of money by learning this simple method to replace a broken jeans  ...
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