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Iowa Famous People

Iowa Famous People - Iowa Inventors


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Iowa Inventors

Clifford Berry co-invented the first electronic computer

Donald L. Campbell revolutionized the petroleum industry through fluid catalytic cracking

Wallace Hume Carothers Nylon and Neoprene

Lee DeForest invented the triode amplifier and space telegraphy

George Gallup invented the gallup poll

Norman Borlaug experimenting with improvement of grains awarded the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to eradicate hunger and build international prosperity

Hannah Harger invented the screen door

Dr. W.D. Paul & Dr. J. I. Routh invented buffered aspirin and antacid tablets

Jesse Hiatt invented the Delicious apple

George Nissen invented the trampoline

Christopher Nelson invented Eskimo Pie

John Froelich invented the first gasoline-powered tractor

Ray Townsend patented more than one hundred and twenty-seven inventions, including a device that stripped skin from pork called the Townsend Model 27, and a machine that produced linked hot dogs called the Frank-a-Matic.

Iowa Inventors Group - Iowa Inventors Database - Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights @ State Library of Iowa

Iowa Famous People

Iowa Famous People - Iowa Famous People - Famous Iowa Natives
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