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Invention Company Fraud

Invention company promotion firms to avoid and red flag warnings. Learn the signs that warn you not to do business with a certain company and learn the right questions to ask an invention company to avoid scams.

Promotion Firms
Many inventors pay thousands of dollars to companies that promise to evaluate, develop, patent, and market inventions and then do little or nothing for their fees.

Questions to Ask a Promotor or Promotion Firm
Questions for promoters required information disclosure from promoters and promotion firms

How To Avoid An Invention Company Scam
If all you have is an idea, don't ever take the easy way out and think an invention company is going to do everything for you. Many of these companies are not the real deal. Avoid scams and getting ripped off.

So Who Are The Good Guys?
Our readers tell their stories and rate those that provide the better invention services.

Ronald J. Riley's Caution List - Avoid Known Scams
One of the few people brave enough to list dubious promotion companies by name.

National Congress Of Inventors' reports on invention company scams and how to avoid them.

Development Companies and Marketing Scams
Great advice from the folks at InventNet on how to avoid scams.

National Inventors Fraud Center
The bad company guys and the good company guys are listed.

B-12 For the Brain - Red Flag Warnings
How to spot an illegitimate company, why do-it-all for you is an unwise idea, and working with product scouts or licensing agents.

U.S. Federal Trade Commission
Use their search engine and the key word "invention" to find an invention company that has been investigated or fined by the FTC.

A Warning About Scams Targeting Inventors
There are many such firms who prey on small inventors and tell them their invention is the best thing since sliced bread! - The Patent & Trademark Law Center

Better Business Bureau Online
In dealing with manufacturers and others invention companies, the B.B.B will help you do a background check.

Dispelling Myths
An Overview Of Inventing by Ron O'Connor, P.E. of O'Connor Technical Systems is all about getting started in the inventing business and avoiding scams.

Rip Off Reports
Just like the name says.

Complaints Listed By The USPTO
The complaints posted are a requirement of the American Inventors Protection Act.

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