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Tom Bray


Tom Bray

Tom Bray

Courtesy of Tom Bray
Inventor, Tom Bray was born 1969, and raised in the DC area, He attended college at UMD and Howard Univeristy with a major in Mechanical Engineering studies.

Both of Bray's patents are used in the passenger rail mass transit industry. The first is the block boot, designed to mitigate vibrations generated from the track and rolling stock and the second is an advanced resilient fastening system used to secure the rail to the substructure. The mitigation of vibration is one of the key elements in allowing modern urban mass transit without negative impacts to the surrounding buildings and environment.

Tom Bray has traveled extensively to over fifteen countires for work-related projects and has been involved in some of the largest rail rapid transit and metro projects in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He currently works at one of the largest US Urban Mass transit Systems in Washington DC.

I did not set out to be an inventor but being innovative is one of my key attributes that I apply to almost every aspect of my life. - Tom Bray

  • #5,865,370, 6/6/1997, Rail fastening system for fastening a rail to a rail support and assembly including such rail fastening system coupled to the rail support.
  • #6,364,214, 6/30/2000, Block boot for railway track systems
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