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History of Bells

A bell is a hollow vessel that rings when struck


According to enyclopedia Britannica, "A bell is a hollow vessel usually of metal, but sometimes of horn, wood, glass, or clay, struck near the rim by an interior clapper or exterior hammer or mallet to produce a ringing sound. Bells may be categorized as idiophones, instruments sounding by the vibration of resonant solid material, and more broadly as percussion instruments."
  • Bells on Ships - Brief history of bells on ships.
  • Bells and Bellringing - The history of bells extends back almost to the dawn of civilization, when crude metallic objects were sounded to ward off evil spirits, to alter the weather, or to mark festive occasions. More on church bells.
  • The Sound of Bells - A technical paper about the acoustics of bells, with new discoveries in bell tuning derived from analysis of bell sounds.

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