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The Bra Brands - Wonderbra

The history and origin of the Wonderbra.


Wonderbra Ad @ Bus Stop Shelter

Wonderbra Ad @ Bus Stop Shelter

Wonderbra is the tradename for an underwired bra with side padding that is designed to uplift and add cleavage.

Bali & WonderBra

The Bali Brassiere Company was founded by Sam and Sara Stein in 1927, originally called the FayeMiss Lingerie Company. The company's best-known product has been the WonderBra, "The One And Only WonderBra."

Bali launched the WonderBra in the U.S. in 1994. But the first WonderBra was the "WonderBra - Push Up Plunge Bra" invented in 1963 by Canadian designer, Louise Poirier.

According to Wonderbra USA "this unique garment, the forerunner of today's Wonderbra push-up bra had 54 design elements that lifted and supported the bust to create dramatic cleavage. Its precision engineering involved three-part cup construction, precision-angled back and underwire cups, removable pads called cookies, gate back back design for support, and rigid straps."

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