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Timeline of Alexander Graham Bell: 1847 to 1922

1847 to 1868


Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), Scottish-born American inventor. Bell, who patented the telephone in 1876, as a young man.

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March 3 Alexander Bell is born to Alexander Melville and Eliza Symonds Bell in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is the second of three sons; his siblings are Melville (b. 1845) and Edward (b. 1848).


Bell adopts the name Graham out of admiration for Alexander Graham, a family friend, and becomes known as Alexander Graham Bell.


October Alexander Graham Bell arrives in London to spend a year with his grandfather, Alexander Bell.


August Bell begins teaching music and elocution at Weston House Academy in Elgin, Scotland, and receives instruction in Latin and Greek for a year.


April Alexander Melville Bell develops Visible Speech, a kind of universal alphabet that reduces all sounds made by the human voice into a series of symbols. Visible Speech Chart
Fall Alexander Graham Bell attends the University of Edinburgh.


Bell returns to Elgin to teach and experiments with vowel pitches and tuning forks.


Bell teaches at Somersetshire College in Bath.


May 17 Younger brother Edward Bell dies of tuberculosis at the age of 19.
Summer Alexander Melville Bell publishes his definitive work on Visible Speech, Visible Speech: The Science of Universal Alphabetics.


May 21 Alexander Graham Bell begins teaching speech to the deaf at Susanna Hull's school for deaf children in London.
Bell attends University College in London.
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