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History of Computer Software

History of computer software and computer languages. It was not until after 1981 that software programs were made eligible for patents by the Supreme Court.

The first high level programming language fortran was invented by John Backus and IBM.

The History of HTML
Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web and HTML or hypertext markup language.

Software Programming - The History of Software Programming
General background information on computer languages including basic - pagemaker - java - fortran - ms-dos - visicalc - windows - computer graphics and more.

The Unusual History of Microsoft Windows
In 1983, the Microsoft Corporation formally announced Microsoft Windows software for IBM computers and they almost named it Interface Manager,

Universal Instant Messenger Trillian
The history of Trillian a universal instant messenger software.

Computer and Video Games
In 1952, A.S. Douglas wrote his PhD degree at the University of Cambridge on Human-Computer interraction. Douglas created the first graphical computer game - a version of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Ada Lovelace
Ada Byron Lovelace wrote a scientific paper in 1843 that anticipated the development of computer software artificial intelligence and computer music

Remembering Grace Murray Hopper
Besides being "the" pioneer computer programmer, the co-inventor of COBOL, the grand lady of software, Amazing Grace, and Grandma COBOL, Grace Murray Hopper will be remembered for one of her now famous sayings, which is "It's easier to ask forgivenes

Aldus Pagemaker
The first desktop publishing program was created by Paul Brainard and a company called Aldus.

ASCII is an acronym for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

BASIC (standing for Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) was written (invented) in 1963, at Dartmouth College, by mathematicians John George Kemeny and Tom Kurtzas.

The History of HTML
Tim Berners-Lee was the primary author of html, assisted by his colleagues at CERN, an international scientific organization based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Java is a programming language and environment invented by James Gosling in 1994.

Introduced in 1995, JavaScript an object oriented web scripting language has become an international standard allowing web developers the ability to write Dynamic HTML that works on multiple browsers.

Lingo Programming
John Thompson invented lingo programming used in Macromedia Director and Shockwave.

The First Spreadsheet
"Any product that pays for itself in two weeks is a surefire winner." - Dan Bricklin on VisiCalc

The First Word Processor
Released in 1979 by Micropro International Inc., WordStar was the first commercially successful word processing software program produced for microcomputers and the best selling software program of the early eighties.

Philip Emeagwali and Supercomputers
Interview with Philip Emeagwali about writing software for supercomputers.

Putting Microsoft on the Map
In 1980 IBM first approached Bill Gates and Microsoft to discuss an operating system for a secret new home computer.

Who Invented Auto-Tune?
Dr Andy Hildebrand is the inventor of the voice pitch-correcting software called Auto-Tune.

The History of Amazon.com
Amazon.com calls itself the world's largest bookstore. Learn the history behind this giant online retailer and some interesting achievements that Amazon has accomplished.

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