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Can I Use A Pen Name? Can I Register A Business Name?


Question: Can I Use A Pen Name? Can I Register A Business Name?
Answer: You can use a pen name or a stage name. There is no legal requirement that the author be identified by his or her real name on the application form. However, if you are filing under a fictitious name or pen name, you have to put a checkmark in the "Pseudonymous" box.

Can I Copyright The Name Of A Band?

No. Names cannot be copyrighted. Some names may be trademarkded.

Can I Copyright A Title, Slogan or Logo

No, you cannot copyright names, titles, slogans, or short phrases.

Can I Get A Star Named After Me And Claim Copyright To It?

No. Names are not protected by copyright. Publications such as a star registry may copyright the text of the volume or book containing the names the registry has assigned to stars. However, registration would not extend protection to any of the individual star names.

Domain Name

Copyright law does not protect domain names. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a nonprofit organization that has assumed the responsibility for domain name system management, administers the assignation of domain names through accredited registers. Also see Domain Names & Trademark Law
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