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Forms & Things For Getting a Design Patent

A step by step aid to apply for a design patent.


Forms & Things For Getting a Design Patent

Front View

  • Specifications & Disclosures
  • Sample Specifications and Drawing Disclosures
    These are examples of specifications and drawing disclosures of real design patents that will help you understand what constitutes a complete disclosure for a design patent.
  • Blank Sample Specification
    Blank sample specification - for a design patent.

  • Drawings
  • Design Patents - Shading For Drawings
    Two types of shading are commonly employed in design patent application drawings.
  • Design Patents - Drawing Views
    The drawings or photographs should contain a sufficient number of views to completely disclose the appearance of the claimed design.
  • Drawing Transparent Materials
  • Drawing Broken Line Disclosures
  • Symbols for Draftsmen

  • Graphical symbols for conventional elements may be used on the drawing when appropriate.
  • More Examples of Patent Drawings: Masks - Tombstones - Bats and Pumpkins

  • Tutorial
  • Filing a Design Patent Application

  • USPTO Forms
  • Design Patent Application Transmittal Form
  • Fee Transmittal Form
  • Declaration for Design Patent Application
  • Declaration for Design Application Using An Application Data Sheet
  • Application Data Sheet
  • All USPTO Forms

  • USPTO Fees
  • Fee Transmittal Form
  • Current Fees (2008)
  • How To Pay Fees
  • USPTO Fees

  • Canadian Forms
  • Application Form For Canadian Industrial Design Patent

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