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Dry Ice - Trademark


Dry Ice

Dry Ice

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Dry ice was discovered not invented - the name was trademarked by the first company to sell dry ice.

Dry Ice is the generic name for carbon dioxide in its solid form, frozen at -109.3 ° F or -79.5° C. Dry Ice does not melt - it sublimates. Sublimation is the process of going directly from a solid to a gas, giving it its name "Dry" Ice. Dry Ice will sublimate at a rate of five to ten pounds every 24 hours during typical use.

How Dry Ice is Made

Dry ice is made by first compressing carbon dioxide gas until it liquefies, and at the same time removing the excess heat. Next, the liquid carbon dioxide is sent through an expansion valve into an empty chamber to form dry ice snow. This dry ice snow is then compressed together under a large press to form blocks.

Dry Ice Trademark

As a natural substance, Dry Ice is not an invention, Dry Ice was discovered, however, the name was trademarked. The Dry Ice Corporation of America first trademarked the name Dry Ice in 1925.
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