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Can you trademark love?


Trademarked phrases using "love" include: True Love - Make Love Not Dinner - Love and Marriage - That's Amore - Starting New Love Affairs Daily - Luv Bites - I Love Lucy - I Love You Honey - Love You To Death.

And just because I Love You, each trademark logo below has a few more examples of "love" word marks.

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Trademark Logo - Stylized LoveTrademark Logo - Stylized LoveTrademark Logo - Stylized HeartTrademark Logo - Stylized HeartTrademark Logo - Heart-Shaped ProfileTrademark Logo - Heart-Shaped ProfileTrademark Logo - Fingerprint of LoveTrademark Logo - Fingerprint of Love
Trademark Logo - Blooming LoveTrademark Logo - Blooming LoveTrademark Logo - The mark comprises the stylized term "love" and design.Trademark Logo - Floating Love

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