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Red Stylized Turkey Head
The trademark consists of a red stylized turkey head design

The mark consists of a red stylized turkey head design appearing on a white background, next to blue stylized letters "RH", with the whole logo encircled in blue.

USPTO Trademark Registration 3685907 - New Oxford Foods LLC

Thanksgiving Day Related Word Marks

  • MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE - trademark for entertainment services, namely, organizing and conducting a parade
  • America's Turkey Trot - trademark for entertainment services, namely, participation in foot races; and organizing community foot race sporting and cultural events, all performed on or around Thanksgiving Day
  • OPERATING THANKSGIVING EAGLE - trademark for charitable services, namely, providing books to children and families, including children and families of the US military; education services, namely, providing classes, seminars, lectures and workshops in the field of American history and the Thanksgiving holiday; presentation of live musical performances; conducting book signings
  • THANKSJIBBING - trademark for ski and snowboard resort services; Promoting and conducting skiing and snowboarding exhibitions and competitions; promoting and conducting musical and live entertainment performances; entertainment services, namely personal appearances by sports and entertainment industry celebrities;restaurant services; booking temporary lodging and lift ticket packages
  • PUMPKIN PIE - trademark for hair products, namely, shampoos; and bath products, namely, gels, and bubble bath
  • GOBBLZ! - trademark for bakery and confectionary goods, namely- brownies, blondies, squares, cookies, shortbread cookies, whoopie pies, scones, chocolates, low carbohydrate bakery and candy goods
  • PILGRIM'S FEED - trademark for an animal feed
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