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Pedro Escuro

Filipino scientist, Pedro Escuro isolated nine rice varieties.


Filipino scientist, Doctor Pedro Escuro is best known for his isolation of nine "seed board" rice varieties that provided for their commercial release.

The Pedro Escuro rice varieties are: Milpal 4, HBD-2, Azmil 26 and C-22 and C-18, C4-63, C4-137, C-168 and C-12.

Pedro Escuro - Awards

  • Pedro Escuro has been awarded two Presidential awards from the Philippines, the 1967 Presidential Plaque of Merit for outstanding accomplishments in rice improvement and the Rizal Pro Patria award for his outstanding contribution to rice breeding and genetics.
  • In 1973, Pedro Escuro received the University of the Philippines Distinguished Professorial Award in agriculture, and the D. Sc. honoris causa in 1974.
  • In 1974, Pedro Escuro won the Ayala award in agricultural science.

Pedro Escuro - Background

  • Born:August 2,1923
  • Ph.D. Genetics and Plant Breeding
  • B.S.A.(Agronomy), University of the Philippines,Los Banos 1952
  • Ph.D. (Genetics and Plant Breeding), University of Minnesota, 1959
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