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Daniel Dingel - Filipino Inventor


Daniel Dingel - Water-Powered Car or Water-Powered Hoax?:

Filipino inventor, Daniel Dingel designs cars that run on water. The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that Daniel Dingel built a water-fueled automobile engine as early as 1969. Dingel has no patents and many members of the science community feel that his water-powered car is a hoax. However, Daniel Dingel has demonstrated his car without any technical papers or explanation as to how it works. And if it does work, a water-powered car would be a fantastic invention.

Daniel Dingel - Claims:

Daniel Dingel claims his engine has a chamber that breaks apart water molecules to produce combustible hydrogen. Electricity from a 12-volt car battery to used to split the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen components, with the hydrogen then used to power the car engine.

Water-Based Fuels:

American inventors, Rudolf Gunnerman, Stanley Meyer and the researchers of the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory have been researching water-based fuels.

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