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Francisco Fronda


Francisco Fronda:

Doctor Francisco Fronda is know as the Father of poultry science in the Philippines. Francisco Fronda has improved methods of production for the poultry and livestock industry. He is also the author of the book Poultry Science Production and was one of the first five people in the world to earn a doctorate in Poultry Science.

Francisco Fronda - Degrees:

  • BSA from the University of the Philippines Los Baños - 1919
  • MS in Animal Husbandry from Cornell University - 1920
  • [lik]PhD in Animal Husbandry from Cornell University - 1922

Francisco Fronda - Awards:

  • Father of Thai Poultry Industry honor presented by Her Royal Highness, the Crown Princess of Thailand - 1982
  • National Scientist - 1983
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