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Carmen Velasquez - Filipino Biologist


Carmen Velasquez - Discoveries:

Noted Filipino biologist, Carmen Velasquez is a specialist in fish parasitology - the study of parasites and hosts among fish. Carmen Velasquez discovered thirty-two species and one new genus of digenetic trematodes (parasites) in local fish from the Philippines.

Carmen Velasquez - List of Distinctions:

Carmen Velasquez is listed in the following:
  • American Men and Women of Science
  • International Scholars' Directory
  • International Who's Who of Intellectuals
  • World Whos' Who of Women

Carmen Velasquez - University Degrees:

  • BS (Zoology), University of the Philippines, 1934
  • MS (Zoology), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1937
  • Ph. D. (Parasitology) University of the Philippines, 1954
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