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Interviews With Successful Inventors


Interviews With Successful Inventors

Tim Walsh - President of Patch Products - Invented Tribond and Blurt!

How to Sell a Million Games

Interview with game inventor Tim Walsh, founder of Patch Toys.

Interview With Inventor Daniel DiLorenzo

The 1999 Lemelson-MIT student prize winner gives us a onoe on one interview.

Interview With Philip Emeagwali

In 1989, Emeagwali won the Gordon Bell Prize, considered by the computer science community as the equivalent of the Nobel Prize, for developing the fastest supercomputer software in the world. Mr. Emeagwali granted us this exclusive interview.

Interview with Artist Inventor Juan Mejias

An interesting interview with an artists whose prototype wearable shoe sculptures are both a novel marketing idea and original works of art rolled into one.

Interview with Inventor Harold Meyer

Chairman of The Hook Appropriate Technology discusses pending legislation, inventor protection and his ideas on future patent issues.

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