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First to File Rule

The United States used to have the first to invent rule that granted rights to the first inventor who conceived and reduced the technology or invention to practice, for example a working prototype or well-written description. The America Invents Act changes American patent law to be like that of most countries that use the first to file rule granting a patent and all rights to the first person who files a patent application for an invention.

First Major Patent Law Change Since 1952
The America Invents Act now makes the United States a first to file country.

Invention Theft and The America Invents Act
Will the first to file rule in the America Invents Act lead to invention theft? If so, how does a company or inventor protect themselves?

Leahy-Smith America Invents Act
The Final version (Enrolled Bill) of the America Invents Act as passed by both Houses.

Detailed Report - First to Invent Vs First to File
A detailed report on the the first to invent rule vs the first to file issue.

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