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History of Food and Food Products

The history of food and food related inventions. Did you know that Brian Maxwell invented PowerBars. Adolph Rempp invented Adolph's Meat Tenderizer. Joe Gregor invented brown n serve dinner rolls. Granola bars were invented by Stanley Mason. On May 31, 1892, Lea & Perrins Worchestershire Sauce was trademarked registered.

Alcoholic Drinks
The history of alcoholic drinks and beverages.

To barbecue means to slow-cook meat at a low temperature for a long time over wood or charcoal.

Beverages & Drinks
Cider, coffee, tea, milk, various soft drinks and colas, beer, wine, iced tea, Gatorade, Kool-aid and more.

Breakfast Cereals
Cereal or grain is a member of the grass plant family, with starchy seeds used for food.

Bubble Gum
By the early 20th century, Americans could not get enough of the confection called chewing gum invented by Thomas Adams.

Candy Canes
The origin of the candy cane goes back over 350 years.

The Culture of the Cocoa Bean
The history of chocolate and cocoa beans.

Candy & Desserts
The history of various candies, cookies and desserts.

Cheesecake & Cream Cheese
History has the first recorded mention of cheesecake, as being served to the athletes during the first Olympic Games held in 776 B.C.

Chocolate - History of the Cocoa Bean
The Olmec Indians (1500 BC-400 BC) are believed to be the first to grow cocoa beans as a domestic crop.

Campbell's Soup
Soup history occurred when John Dorrance the nephew of a wealthy Campbell’s Soup investor went to work for the company. The English word "soup" comes from the old word "sop" which is a slice of bread covered with beef roast juices. The first soup dates back to 6000 B.C., with the main ingredient being Hippopotamus and other animal bones.

Coca Cola & John Pemberton
Coca Cola was invented by Doctor John Pembert - learn the history of coca cola and other soft drinks.

Cheese in a Can
The Nabisco Company invented cheese in a can.

The chuckwagon (a cowboy's portable kitchen wagon used on the cattle trails) was invented by Charles Goodnight in 1866.

Freeze-Drying & Freeze-Dried Food
The basic process of freeze-drying food was known to the ancient Peruvian Incas of the Andes. Freeze-drying, or lyophilization, is the sublimation/removal of water content from frozen food

French Fries
How many things can be made from potatoes?

History of Candy & Desserts
Food history - the origins of candy and desserts.

Frozen Foods & Clarence Birdseye
Clarence Birdseye invented, developed, and commercialized a method for quick-freezing food products in convenient packages.

Hamburger & Cheeseburger
Who was the first person to flip a burger

Hot Dogs
The popularity of the term hot dog is generally attributed to sports cartoonist T. A. "Tad" Dorgan.

Ice Cream
Ice cream is often called The Great American Dessert find out the history behind ice cream - sundaes and cones.

Ice Cream Cone
Several inventors have been credited as having invented the first ice cream cone

Ice Cream Photo History
Historical photos of ice cream production and technology

Ice Cream Sundae
Historians argue over the origins of the ice cream sundae.

The word ketchup is derived from the Chinese ke-tsiap, a pickled fish sauce. It made its way to Malaysia where it became kechap and ketjap in Indonesia. F. & J. Heinz Company began selling tomato ketchup in 1876.

Ketchup Squeezable Bottle
Stanley Mason invented a clothespin fishing lure, the first disposable, contoured diapers, squeezable ketchup bottle, granola bars, heated pizza boxes, heatproof plastic microwave cookware and dental floss dispensers.

Kitchen Appliances
Who invented the refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven and other kitchen appliances?

Kraft Foods
The history of the many foods made under the Kraft brand name.

Lunchbox (Metal)
The first metal lunchbox produced was the Hopalong Cassidy created by the Aladdin company in 1950.

Margarine aka Oleomargarine
Where did margerine come from?

Margarita (Frozen)
Mariano Martinez aka the Margarita Man was the person who invented the frozen margarita machine.

Who invented marshmallows and marshmallow peeps and fluff?

Mayonnaise & Miracle Whip
Mayonnaise was invented in 1756.

McIntosh Apple
Where does did the McIntosh Apple come from.

In 1898 the New York Biscuit Company and the American Biscuit and Manufacturing Company merged over one hundred bakeries into the National Biscuit Company later called Nabisco.

Where did omelets come from.

According to Wikipedia, "archaeological evidence suggests that varieties of pancakes are probably the earliest and most widespread types of cereal food eaten in prehistoric societies". See Pancake Wiki History

However, the first recorded mention of pancakes comes from the Greek poet Cratinus who described warm pancakes in one of his writings. the Greeks called their pancakes tagenites and were made with wheat flour, olive oil, honey and curdled milk. See Pancakes, History of & Pancake Timeline

Who invented pasta.

Peanut Butter
Peanut butter was invented and reinvented many times during history.

Pez Candy - Who Invented Pez?
PEZ Candy has been an integral part of the American scene for approximately 50 years - invented in 1927 by Eduard Haas III.

Pillsbury Doughboy
On October, 1965, Pillsbury debuted the loveable 14-ounce, 8 3/4-inch character in a Crescent Roll commercial.

Considered a peasants meal in Italy for centuries modern pizza is attributed to baker Raffaele Esposito of Naples.

Pop Drinks
Starting with 1798 when the term "soda water" was first coined.

Potato Chips
Who invented potato chips.

During the 17th century, early French explorers in the Great Lakes region reported that the Iroquois Indians popped popcorn in a pottery vessel with heated sand and used it to make popcorn soup, among other things.

The history of restaurants, drive-ins, and famous restaurant chains.

Salad & Salad Dressings
Who invented Wishbone Salad Dressing? Who tossed the first salad?

Sandwich & Sliced Bread
Philippe Mathieu invented the French Dip Sandwich in 1908.

Soft Drinks
An introduction to the history of soft drinks including coca cola and pepsi cola - the inventors and history behind pop.

Space Food
More than 20 years ago, astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth. Among the many tasks Glenn had to perform while in orbit were the first American space experiments in eating food in the weightless conditions of Earth orbit.

TV Dinners
The history of the TV dinner - why did it become so easy to watch television and eat dinner at the same time?

Vending Machines
In 1888, the Thomas Adams Gum Company introduced the very first vending machines to the United States.

History of Food Timeline
Food history is full of fascinating lore and contradictory facts.

Food Firsts and Technological Marvels
Many of the foods we recognize and still use today were developed during the period between 1850 and 1900.

Be Mine - Who Invented Sweethearts Conversation Hearts?
Have you ever wondered who invented sweethearts conversation hearts? Or who writes the sayings that are found on the heart candies.

Who Invented The Cupcake?
It's small, it's humble, it's delicious. Learn the sweet history behind the cupcake.

Who Invented Synthetic Meat?
Cloning stem cells scientist have been able to grow synthetic meat, the first step towards kill-free hamburger?

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