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Business plan templates for the inventors self assessment and the invention assessment market - commercialization confidential disclosure agreements - selected collection of books about the business of inventing - non-disclosure agreement samples.
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The USPTO's Disclosure Document Program
Disclosure document templates - helps to legally establish the date of your idea's conception.

The Business Plan for Independent Inventors
Are you setting up a small business in connection with your inventing? Use this business plan which includes business templates you can use.

Creating a Marketing Plan
Marketing plays a vital role in successful business ventures. Inventors and scientists need to understand what it takes to market an invention.

Inventive Thinking and Creativity
Forms to print and use with lesson plan activities.

InventorEd, Inc. - Forms and Model Contracts For Inventors
Includes: Consultant's Work Agreement, Joint Owners Agreement, Keep-Confidential (Proprietary Materials) Agreement, Universal License Agreement, Non-Disclosure - Alternate Non-Disclosure, Expense/Profit Sharing, and Agreement Addendum.

Business Tools
Office.com's business tools provide step-by-step training covering the key aspects of operating a thriving business.

Patent MAIL
Free email for patent professionals, you can send and receive email, with all the features of standard email services, and can get a professional email address such as: [YourName]@patentmail.com

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