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The Planet's Friendly Genius - Buckminster Fuller

The Dymaxion Inventions


Dymaxion Houses

Dymaxion House

< Introduction - Biography of Buckminster Fuller, Inventor of the Geodesic Dome

Behind the invention of the dome lay Buckminster Fuller's principles of synergetics that proved space was tetrahedral. Buckminster Fuller's designs were based on a geometry that used triangles, circles and tetrahedrons, more than the traditional planes and rectangles.

An entire online version of Synergetics, written by R. Buckminster Fuller, has recently become available for reading and was aptly subtitled Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking.

Highlights of Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic Dome

  • Bucky's most famous invention (invented in 1954) was the geodesic dome.
  • The geodesic dome combines the sphere, the most efficient container of volume per square foot, with the tetrahedron, which provides the greatest strength for the least volume of weight.
  • The geodesic dome can withstand winds of 210 mph, while at the same time it is light and easily transportable.
  • Quick to build, a geodesic dome can be put up in hours.
  • A geodesic dome can withstand hurricanes and earthquakes far better than conventional buildings.
  • The geodesic dome is the only structure that actually gets stronger, lighter in density and cheaper per square foot with size. Over 200,000 of such geodesic domes have been built.
  • People use geodesic domes as homes and shelter from pole to pole.
  • Famous Geodesic Domes: Walt Disney Epcot Center: Expo 67

The Dymaxion Inventions - Dymaxion Air-Ocean Map

  • This map was the first cartographic projection of the world to ever be granted a U.S. patent (1946).
  • The map projected a spherical world as a flat surface with no visible distortion.
  • The map brought Fuller to the attention of the scientific community in 1943.

The Dymaxion Inventions - Dymaxion Houses

  • Dymaxion houses areheated and cooled by natural means. Dymaxion houses were self-powered.
  • Dymaxion houses are earthquake and storm-proof.
  • Dymaxion houses are made of permanent, engineered-materials that required no maintenance.
  • Dymaxion houses are easy to clean and dust free.
  • Flexible design allowed floor to change at the inhabitants' whim.
  • Today a Dymaxion house would cost $40,000 to build.

Dymaxion Car

  • A fatal accident stymied the invention of the Dymaxion car. The patented 1937, Dymaxion car was intended to later fly, when suitable alloys and engines became available.
  • As a car, it averaged 30 miles per gallon.
  • The Dymaxion car carried eleven passengers.
  • A smaller five-passenger Dymaxion car was made in 1943.
  • The Dymaxion car speed along at 120 miles per hour.

World Peace Game

Fuller organized the World Peace Game as an aid to help teach a win-win attitude of distributing the world's resources.

"I was motivated in 1927 and ever since by the most mysterious drive we ever experience -- that of love. I don't think there's any influence upon my life that compares with... love."
R. Buckminster Fuller
July 12, 1895 - July 1, 1983

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