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Patent Searching For New Inventors - Searching By Keyword


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Patent Drawing

Patent Drawing

Doing a patent search using keywords can give you odd results. Here are a few tips to help improve your results.

Strange Patents

If you get results that you think don't relate to the keyword you used, remember that words can have many meanings. Words that we think describe only one article can be used to describe other things. For example, we may think of "puzzle" as a game, but it can be used to describe biotechnological or even mechanical inventions.

Too Many Patents Listed

If you look for the word toys, you will get patents that are child toys, pet toys, inventions that are minature. Even very technical devices may be described as toys. You are going to need to use a better keyword or more than one keyword.

No Patents

This can sometimes happen. You entered certain words or words in a specific combination that just couldn't be found in any patents.

Note: The illustration above is a patent drawing. Part of the good stuff you get to see after using the images button discussed in step 5.

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