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Augustus Jackson

Augustus Jackson created several ice cream recipes.


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African American, Augustus Jackson was a candy confectioner from Philadelphia who created several ice cream recipes and invented an improved method of manufacturing ice cream around 1832.

The origins of ice cream can be traced back to the 4th century B.C. and contrary to popular folklore Augustus Jackson did not invent ice cream itself, however, he was an accomplished businessman and helped to perfect the making of ice cream at that time.

Augustus Jackson - Background

Augustus Jackson left his position as a White House chef to move to Philadelphia in the late 1820s, where he started his own successful catering business. Jackson created several popular ice cream flavors which he distributed packaged in tin cans to the ice cream parlors of Philadelphia. At that time, many African Americans owned ice cream parlors or were ice cream makers in the Philadelphia area. Augustus Jackson was the most successful and his ice cream flavors were well loved.

Augustus Jackson did not apply for any patents.

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